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The son of the Egyptian artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra announced his father’s retirement from acting permanently, after presenting many distinctive and timeless works of art in the minds of the Arab audience.

Ahmed, the son of Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra, said that his father decided to retire from art permanently and irrevocably in his decision, as he did not disclose his decision only in the vicinity of his family and close people.

As for the details of his father’s health condition, Abdulrahman’s son Abu Zahra confirmed that his father enjoys a stable and good state of Health and spends his time among his grandchildren.

The artist Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra celebrated his 89th birthday earlier, as his son published many photos with his father and family members during the celebration of his birthday. 

A source from the family of the film “Ahl Al-Kahf” revealed:”with our love for the presence of the great artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, who had already finished filming a number of scenes, in the costume intended to participate in the film, before stopping it, but when we returned to filming after a hiatus of more than a year and a half, we found it difficult to return to filming due to his health conditions and the need to shoot outside Egypt, so it was agreed with the able artist Rashwan Tawfik to complete the work”.

The great artist Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra, has already announced 3 years ago that he is thinking about retiring from art, after suffering from a depressive state, after the death of his wife.

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