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The goalkeeper of “F91 didelangi” made a serious mistake in the match of his team in the qualifiers to the group stage of the third edition of the European Conference League Championship.
Didelghini beat the hosts of “St. Patrick’s Athletic” from Ireland with a score of 3-2 in the second leg of the first round of qualifying, to continue his path to the group stage after winning the Gold match also 2-1.
The national team took an early lead through UIG Sisti van Ling, but the young goalkeeper debrez gave hope to the hosts after he gifted them an equalizer in a very strange way.
After a joint shot between two players after the midfield, the ball rose up to the border of the penalty area, so debrez decided to get out of his goal to send it away, and he misjudged the ball, hitting it with his head, it went to the back and continued its way to the net, thus scoring the equalizer for the team “St. Patrick’s Athletic” in the 22nd minute.
Fortunately for the French goalkeeper, this goal did not have much impact on the qualification process, as his team reached the second round of the Europa Conference League qualifiers .

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