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A new service from WhatsApp..”Voice chats” for 32 users at the same time

Last year, the “WhatsApp” application released a series of new updates to improve the voice messaging experience, and today another useful new feature is being revealed.

The new feature is called” voice chats ” Voice Chats, according to the WABetaInfo website specializing in technical News.

The feature is available in the experimental version for phones running the “Android” system, and takes the form of a voice wave inside the group chat, if the service is available to users, and compatible with the group.

If the voice chat remains empty, it will be terminated after 60 Minutes, if no user joins it, knowing that the maximum number of participants in this chat is 32 people at the same time.

The technical site explained that some may confuse “voice chat”and” group calls”, but the new service allows the possibility of starting the call without ringing the phone of each participant in the group, but he will receive a silent notification when the new call is created in his groups, and the group icon displays a thumbnail image representing the presence of a voice chat inside.
The Voice Chat starts when you click on the icon, and any user in the group chat can participate in the voice chat, and start talking.

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