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The musician Ari Jan, who collaborated with the Syrian artist Maha Al-Hamwi to sing the badge of the Zand series and carried the title rafqaq al-Darb, addressed the organizers of concerts in Syria.

Where he wrote a post on his personal Facebook page: finally I met with Maha Al-Hamwi after we recorded the comrades of the path by voice from a distance, the hope after the success of the song was to be our first meeting on the stage in our country, to hear you, Yaha live, but despite all our attempts to communicate with the Syrian Orchestra, The Citadel Nights festival, the We call her what she called back to us.

He added: in my name and in the name of Maha and my band Habib, I apologize to the people who asked me to do a concert. But unfortunately, I didn’t appreciate recording it, even though we, the program, the orchestra and the singers are ready.. All the love for every word of my fellow people about music and songs ,your support and listening and the words I receive are our real energy to appreciate and thank you for your generosity..

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