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Expressing his joy for the second time, the singer Ahmed Saad, through his account, posted on Instagram a photo of his second-born “Maryam” and appeared as he authorized her and wrote :”Thank God God blessed me with (Maryam Ahmed Saad), God took away her heart from attachment to those without you, and make her those you love and love you, God bless her with your love and the love of your Prophet Muhammad(peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and the love of everyone who loves you, and the love of every work that brings her to your love, God make her humble to you so I lifted him up, and he drew near to you, and he asked you, and I answered him that you are omnipotent over everything”.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Saad gave birth to his first child, “Alia”, from his wife, Alia Bassiouni, last year 2022, and published a video of him authorizing her as well, and commented: Thank God and thank God.. May Allah bless Aliyah Ahmed Saad, may Allah make her one of the righteous and righteous.

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