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Syrian actress Amal Arafa was a guest at the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts in Jordan for the drama category, during her participation in a seminar entitled “The concept of drama and the importance of conveying living reality to the public”.

Arafa answered a question about the role of intellectuals in the face of the cosmic attack on our customs and traditions as Arabs, she replied that art of all kinds is inseparable from being a cultural project, and the smartest when it provides interesting and useful art at the same time to raise public taste, so it can be considered an artistic attack, an example of this is the Arabized Turkish works, in which we see something of a twist of the neck, as it is beginning to lose its Arab identity character, “for example, in a series of 10 episodes with a suitable encounter for platforms, and you are doing it with a Syrian or Arab character, and you’re going to lose your identity in real shops,”he said.
She added that we are not against these businesses and I may work with them one day because they offer a great financial return, but they will not offer you big shares in the public.

Arafa pointed out that there was a second attack in her opinion, social media, which transformed US and took us in a direction Strange to us, today the actress is asked to be 180 cm tall and to be a fashionista, “I am Manny fashionista and not a model, I am an actress who is good at embodying many characters, whether comedic, tragic or… And we have achieved our success by chance, after a long history and a long accumulation, ” he said.

She said that we, as artists, should know what is required of us, who we address with our art, and for whom we work, “for a generation, if he lifts his head off his mobile for 5 minutes, it is a good piece of work, an achievement, Shaw is the tempting thing that follows You by offering it to this generation until you return it back to TV or sit with his parents watching a series or going to the cinema?””She added that the only country capable of presenting well-judged works is Egypt, and it will remain a pioneer, and it must be emulated, while the Syrian drama is an undeniable reality .

When asked which art is more capable of conveying the idea of comedy or tragedy, she replied: “I personally feel that people are tired.. People seemed to rejoice and laugh heartily”.

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