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Photos of the artist Amr Diab in which he appeared to print a kiss on the cheek of the artist Dalida Khalil sparked social networking sites, especially among those who do not know the Lebanese actress.
The audience reacted to the photos by commenting on the names of the songs of “the plateau “as a kind of joke, such as”you are luck”โ€ฆ While some followers did not recognize the author of the photo, the Lebanese actress Dalida Khalil.

Dalida posted the photos via her own Instagram account, and expressed her great pleasure to meet the ” plateau “on one of the beaches of the north coast, commenting on it, saying:”the soul is with the legend”.
On the other hand, the artist Amr Diab held a huge concert on one of the beaches of the north coast, during which he performed a number of his most wonderful songs.
It is noteworthy that Dalida Khalil entered the art world in 2007, and her artworks achieved wide fame in the Arab world; the most important of which are the series: “sweet and liar” in 2013, and”circles of love” in 2015.

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