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An Indian couple is selling their baby in order to buy an iPhone 14

A strange and exciting incident sparked by Indian local media, where an Indian couple in the state of West Bengal, sold their eight-month-old baby with the aim of buying a new iPhone 14.

According to police reports, the aforementioned couple decided on the controversial sale for an amount of 200 thousand Indian rupees, which is equivalent to about 2400 US dollars, and immediately, the police launched investigations into this terrible incident.

Eyewitnesses noted that recently they noticed the couple’s interest in buying a luxury iPhone 14, which is one of the latest phones of the company “Apple”. Based on this information, the police began to collect evidence and evidence to investigate the case.

The police were later able to arrest the mother involved in this crime, as during the investigations she admitted her involvement in the sale of her baby.

She said that she did this with her husband in order to buy an iPhone 14 and increase the number of followers on their account in the “Instagram”application.

Investigations revealed that the father is still on the run so far, and he had previously planned to sell his seven-year-old child, but failed to carry out this order.

The police intervened quickly and succeeded in saving the infant from the horrific sale, as the necessary measures were taken to ensure his safety and protection.

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