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In recognition of her high-end and large audience in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the artist Angham announced through her Instagram account and through a video she published about the establishment of a special exhibition of her collections, inside the Abu Bakr Salem Theater, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after shining at her last concert in the kingdom.

Angham commented on the video, saying: “every dress is a memory of the day I spent with you, I am preparing to meet you with all the love and respect for your presence and love, my dear high-class audience.”
The video showed some of the dresses with which she revived the melodies of her distinctive parties, along with some of her accessories and collectibles, which she gave to the exhibition.
A large number of fans of the artist in the kingdom were keen to come to the exhibition to see the collectibles of their favorite singer, and to relive their memories with her outstanding concerts.
As for her new song “you will cry,” the artist told her audience via her Twitter account that the video clip will be released today (Tuesday) at eight o’clock in the evening Cairo time.
On the other bank, Angham is preparing to hold a concert on the evening of Thursday, August 3, in the Saudi city of Jeddah, and continues preparations for a special night with international live specifications befitting it and its audience of various Arab nationalities.

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