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Chef Ismail Ozdemir, the father of chef Burak, responded to the accusations made by his son to seize the ownership rights of his business name under a general power of attorney, sell it to a foreign investor and the matter progressed to the judiciary .
Chef Burak has denied the validity of these allegations and accusations, stressing that there are some disinterested people who want to sow discord between them, and they were behind igniting differences that are not true .
The father of chef Burak responded in statements circulating : I have nothing to do with this story, I did not defraud my son and sell his name as he claimed, and I did not respond to previous claims that he is the owner of the City restaurant and in fact I am the real owner, and I bought him two houses and contributed to the formation of his wealth .
Ismail Burak added: “Unfortunately, Burak has inherited his mother’s hostile genes to me, and he has to be well aware of who loves him and likes to differentiate him from the most loving people on Earth.

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