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The syndicate of Musical Professions headed by the artist Mustafa Kamel, revealed the truth of the rumor spread on social networking sites during the past hours about the suicide attempt of the artist Shirin Abdel Wahab using overdoses of drugs.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah, the official spokesman and a member of the syndicate of Musical Professions, said in a press statement that: “all the talk about Shirin is a lie and I have contacted her now, and there is no such talk, and she is currently agreeing with her manager on new concerts, and I contacted her manager before her and he told me that she is fine and well, and agreed on a number of concerts during the coming period.

He added:”As far as it is agreed that he is going to commit suicide, we do not know the rumor de jet Menin, but she is in good health and I contacted her personally and confirmed to me the lie of those rumors that spread on social media”.

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