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Twitter changed its name and image on the official account from the Blue Bird to the letter ” X ” on Monday, and its billionaire owner Elon Musk also put the new logo on the image of his official account .
Musk said on Sunday that he was looking forward to changing the Twitter logo and tweeted :” soon we will say goodbye to the Twitter brand and gradually all the birds”.
According to one of the many tweets posted by the owner of the social media platform, the publication of the new Twitter logo with the letter ” X ” at a convenient time at night, will circulate around the world on Monday .
Musk posted a photo of a flashing “X” and later responded via Twitter’s Twitter account to a question about whether there was a plan to change the Twitter logo and added : “This should have happened a long time ago “.
He posted a photo of himself with an X-shaped arm in front of the logo of the electric car company Tesla and attached it with the tweet ” I’m not sure of the exact clues that led to this, but I like the letter X.
It is reported that Musk, who acquired Twitter late last October for a billion US dollars, has repeatedly confirmed that he plans to make Twitter a comprehensive platform, similar to the Chinese service “WeChat”.
Earlier, in early April, Musk changed the Twitter logo from a bird to a “Shiba Inu dog”, which uses the logo of the cryptocurrency “Dogecoin”, which led to a rapid rise in the market capitalization of the coin .

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