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Faiq Hassan, Majid’s business manager and Asala’s husband, revealed the name of the song or duet that brings them together, which will be titled” Eternal Love”.
He commented on a photo of ASALA and Majid that was executed via Photoshop, saying:
Finally and at long last # everlasting love_heart and soul”

As for Asala, she only commented with the phrase”by illuminating her beauty”.

Rotana audiovisual company has launched the first teaser promo for the video of the song “Eternal Love”, which combines the artist Asala Nasri with the artist Majid Al-Mohandes, through her official account on Instagram. The attached comment on the “promo” of the song read as follows: “video clip of eternal love.. The expected duet of the originality of Arab art, Prince Majid Al-Mohandes”.

“Eternal love” with lyrics by Faiq Hassan, composed by Mahmoud Khayami, distributed by Medhat Khamis.

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