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Ashraf Krupp art production company is preparing to enter the process of filming its first work soon, where the shooting will be titled “Azak ya sham”. The work is written by Nadine Khalil and Mohammed Humaira, supervised by Ashraf ghaibour, directed by Rashad koksh, while production management is managed by Manhal ghaibour.

The series deals with the Levantine environment in a distinctive and different way, as it contains interesting stories and tales that take place in the “Amber”Lane. The series is aimed at all Arab families and includes a selection of Syrian drama stars, Fayez Kazak, Saad Minh, Sahar Fawzi, Jenny Asper, Wafa Mosley, Lena hawarneh, Mohammed hadaki, Hossam Tahsin Bey Abeer Shamsuddin, Amani Wali, Haider Ahmed, Sabah Barakat, Nadine Kaddour, Ali Karim, basil Haider, Jamal Ali, Hossam Shah, Andre Skaf, Hamada Salim, ahd Deeb, Suleiman Rizk, Raed Musharraf, Maryam Ali, Wael Zeidan, Hani Shahin, Mohammed khaoundi, Asim Hawat, Tarek merashli, Felda Samour, Fouad El-Wakil, Magdy almabbel, Adel Ali, Maher Ahmed, dla Nader, Heba Zahra, Angie Murad, Mai Merhej, Ola Hamad, Samir Al-shammat, Elias El-Shadid, Matar El-Matar and others.

The series is scheduled to be filmed in the capital Damascus, and new faces will be given a chance in this awaited work. The cast is strong and diverse, and the series is expected to come with an interesting story and high-quality artistic production.

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