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The Tunisian press chose to describe Faya’s concert, which she performed at one of the evenings of the 43rd edition of the Sfax International Festival.

Younan chose to sing in all Arabic dialects, where she delighted the audience by presenting a set of songs such as “Tir qalqan” in the Egyptian dialect,” ya Qamar ” in the Gulf dialect,”ya Majnoon” to the rhythm of the Iraqi Georgian and a song in the Algerian dialect.

She also dazzled the audience by playing on the Clavie instrument the song “Seasons of life”.

Once again, the audience was presented with the song “we rejoice Barsha” in the Tunisian dialect, which is from the words of Mohamed El Bakri and the melodies of Mohamed El Aswad, and the distribution of Mohamed Ben Salah, and all its scenes were filmed on a number of Main streets in the Tunisian capital.

In her remarks before the ceremony, Younan expressed her great love for Tunisians, stressing that the Syrians carried their longings for Tunisia and its people.

Faya Younan is a Syrian singer and holds Swedish citizenship in addition, she was born on June 20, 1992 in the city of malikiya to a family from Chaldean Syria, grew up in Aleppo, and currently resides in Beirut.

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