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The artist Fifi Abdo sparked a wide controversy on social networking sites after publishing through the comics feature attached to her personal account in Instagram” a video clip of the concert of the artist Shirin Abdel Wahab with a comment bearing abuse to the “Arab artist” Mohammed Abdo, which exposed her to a sharp attack from the public, to decide minutes later to delete the post, confirming that she re-posted the video as it is and did not notice the comment attached to it, which includes an insult to the great artist.

Fifi wrote an apology in a new post, in which she said: “first, The Great Arab artist Mohammed Abdo is one of the people who love and respect them very much, and if I publish a video for a song that I liked for Shirin Abdel Wahab, then for sure I read the words written on it and I worked for her from TikTok just because the song only liked me no more.”

She added:”If I had read the speech, I would have downloaded it, and when my daughter saw the studio immediately paralyzed her, and it’s a shame that I completed my studies and read the speech, God is ruining the House of those who wrote it, and of course I have all the love and appreciation for the great artist Mohammed Abdo”.

On the other hand, Fifi Abdo raised the concern of her audience after she announced that she was suffering from a health ailment, and she said in previous TV statements that she was exposed to Magic, which led to her illness and prevented her from moving, and producer Ahmed Zawawi broke his silence and confirmed that it was the cause of Fifi Abdo’s illness, where he said in more than one TV statement: “I worked for Fifi Abdo a job so that she took from me a deposit of 60 thousand pounds and supplemented the film and tried to communicate with her and murditch Alia and my favorite veterans changed the way De and magic”.

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