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The caricature image posted by the internet search engine giant Google on Monday caught the attention of his patients around the world, where the drawing that embodied the Sudanese musician “Asma Hamza” playing the oud instrument dressed in a blue folk costume and holding her hand with a musical”note” caused a great sensation.
The Google interface, which was decorated with this drawing, carried a message of love, honor and celebration of the memory of the great success achieved by the Sudanese composer and oud player “Asma Hamza”, which in itself marked a turning point in her career.

Who are the names of Hamza
Asma Hamza was born in halafaya Al-Muluk in Sudan in 1936.she is the only one of her parents and she had one daughter named WAF and she has two granddaughters. Hamza wished to be a doctor or a singer but was born with a disease in her vocal cords that prevented her from being a singer, but her father bought her a lute to play with after he heard her whistle beautifully. influenced by a number of Egyptian artists, such as Umm Kulthum, Mohammed Abdulwahab, Abdul Halim Hafez and Shadia.

Composer Asma Hamza
Asma Hamza began her journey as a composer with playing the oud in 1948 and the first song she composed was the song Ya ayouni from the court of the lost navigator of the Egyptian poet Ali Mahmoud Taha in 1956.Asma Hamza made her way to work in Sudanese music in 1982. the first work for which became famous as a composer was when she composed a song for the Sudanese poet Saif al-Din Al-Desouki and was sung by the Sudanese singer Sumaya Hassan and that was in 1983.

She won the” great night of fate ” music competition on July 17, 1997, and this victory was a turning point in her life and left our world in 2018.

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