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In a striking video that shows the young grandmother’s time standing still, Zeinab Fayad, the daughter of Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, posted a video of her child dancing to the tunes of Haifa Wehbe’s new song.Commenting on the video, she said: “The Bee and honey personally.. Your beauty and your digestion tell me, o heart and soul, mama, you are”.

A large number of Zainab’s fans and followers reacted to the video and expressed their admiration for her daughter’s interaction with her grandmother Haifa Wehbe’s song, and among the Interactors was the Syrian artist Jenny Esper, who said in her comment: “honey”.

Haifa Wehbe has recently released her new song “What a double” through her official channel on the social networking site “YouTube “in the manner of” video clip”, which is directed by Elie Fahd, the song is from the lyrics of AMR Masri, composed by Samer Abu Taleb and distributed by Suleiman Damian.

The song was a huge success with high viewership ratings, garnering more than four million views within nine days of its release.

It is noteworthy that the last work of the artist Haifa Wahbi is the film “Ramses Paris”, in which she participated in the last Eid al-Fitr season. The action revolves around the movement of a group of Egyptians from Ramses to Paris, and this trip includes a lot of events and surprises, amid comic situations based on the situation, and the events reach a climax when they decide to form a gang to steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum, while they are disguised.

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