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The film “Hakim”, which was created by the director Basil Al-Khatib and presented by the big screen starsDuraid Lahham and KadiraSabah Al Jazaery, is still being shown in culture houses in various Syrian provinces.
From Hama to Aleppo to Homs to the rest of the provinces, the echoes of the film deservedly pass between the audience who watched the show and the others who are waiting for it to be shown, especially since the feature-length film that embodied the first experience of the writer “Diana Jabbour”, which included a selection of the brightest stars of Syrian art and drama, had touched hearts by highlighting

It is noteworthy that the film reviews The Diary of a doctor Jaber, who lives in the countryside of Homs with his granddaughter Yasmin after he gave up his work in the city to treat patients in his town, refusing to receive his fees from them for a fee and giving his patients samples of the medicines they need and sometimes buying them from his own money.The war and its repercussions on people’s morals, destinies and behaviors, in addition to embracing meaningful cultural and humanitarian contents.

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