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The immortal cartoon beauties in the memory of all generations, they were and still are a dream for most girls, hence the artist’s response “Hana El Zahed” was present when asked about her acceptance to present the character of “Barbie” in an Arabic version, where the ascetic revealed her wish to present all the characters of the cartoon beauties, and confirmed her follow-up to everything related to the international version of “Barbie movie” scheduled to be shown starting on Wednesday, July 19, in movie theaters inside Egypt. Here Al-Zahid said in her interview with the ET program in Arabic: I follow every need related to the Barbie movie, I am a fan of Barbie and my house is all pink and white colors. Regarding the possibility of introducing a Barbie character, Al-Zahid commented here, saying:” I definitely wish they would make an Arabic version of Barbie, I’m doing it, or I’m doing a rebunzel character, my life’s dream is to do Disney characters”. It is noteworthy that here Al-Zahid is waiting for the start of the screening of her latest drama “SIB and I ASSIP”, and the series of SIB and I ASSIP is scheduled to be released on July 22 next via the Shahid electronic platform, after the makers of the work finished filming it, and it became ready for viewing to the public, as here Al-Zahid finished filming the series of SIB and I ASSIP in Lebanon, which is her second absolute dramatic heroines.

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