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The artist Hani Shaker came out of his silence to express his frank opinion about the current artistic scene of the differences between the singers due to mutual accusations of stealing melodies, saying in a statement: “there is something natural and possible that is similar to works of art, disagreement and similarity are possible, and we need to have good faith and we deal in situations”.
On the other hand, shaker had his own opinion on the issue of artificial intelligence, especially after the controversy raised about the use of the voice of “Planet of the East” Umm Kulthum with artificial intelligence technology, where he explained that: “artificial intelligence is a double-edged weapon, sometimes it is three-edged “.
In addition, regarding his new artistic works, whether in songs or concerts, Hani Shaker explained
He said that his revival of several concerts during the recent period came as compensation for the time occupied by the Union, saying : “the union was taking up a lot of my time, and de considers it a great opportunity for me to concentrate on my job.
When asked if his grandchildren have talent, he replied:” Dina my granddaughter has talent and I have a problem if my son has talent, I support him and we work together in a beautiful friendly way, ” pointing out that there are many works of art that he is preparing to present soon, and hoping that they will be admired by the public.

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