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The star Karim Abdulaziz was able to achieve the first place in the revenue race with his latest film “The House of Ruby” and set a new record in his films by overcoming the hundred million pound barrier within one month of its screening.
Earlier, for the first time in the history of Egyptian cinema, Turkish theaters announced the reception of the film “House of Ruby” by star Karim Abdel Aziz in their halls starting from Friday, August 4 until 25, making it the first Arab film to be shown in Turkish cinemas.

The screening of “House of Ruby” begins in all Turkish cinemas, where it was received by cinema officials and the audience with a great ovation, and the showrooms were filled with posters of the film, accompanied by intense publicity, to open a new market for Egyptian and Arab films in Turkey, contributing to the expansion of the scope of Egyptian cinema.

The film “The House of the Ruby” starring: Kareem Abdel Aziz, Nour Lebanese, Kareem Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Tara Emad, Samar Jaber and the children Moaz Gad and Lucinda, guests of Honor Mohamed Abdel Rahman Tuta, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Sherif Desouki, Hatem Salah, Mahmoud El Sisi, Mustafa Abu Srei, it is a story, script and dialogue by Mohamed Dabbah and Reem cloth and directed by Peter Mimi.

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