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Syrian artist Laura Abu Asaad revealed that she has been settled in the UAE for several years to fulfill her dream of creating the largest audiobook library in the world to enter the Guinness Book.

Abu Asaad addressed her message to all young people who are coming to settle in the UAE, where she asked them to accept work with anything offered to them in the country that does not accept tranquility, as she put it, commenting:”a country that loves movement and you work, you have the best opportunity”.

Abu Asaad did not forget that Syria was credited with her success, as she confirmed that she was the mother who raised her and taught her for free from the first primary to the university level.

Laura revealed how she practiced dubbing, noting that she entered the “Al-Zahra” Center in Damascus when she was a university student, and asked them to teach her this profession, confirming that she had been practicing from morning to evening for several months.

Laura explained that she was given her first role through the children’s program “drop Remy” by Mamoun Rifai, while the series “Nour” was her first role in dubbing Turkish series

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