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“Art is a message of love and reaching the hearts of people in various dialects,” Syrian artist Lynn Ghara responded with this conviction to critics of her use of the Lebanese dialect in the performance of her character in the Arab series “Crystal”, which is currently being shown.
She confirmed in a comment on her official account on the social networking site ” Instagram “that she likes to be represented in all dialects and that she likes to try it with all her love and said:” I am a Syrian Arab actress with pride and love for brotherly Lebanon, land, people and dialect.. And I have a desire that I (try) like all the dialects of the Arab world and the world, if correct.. I come to live (my) earthly experience with all freedom and love and try and always do what I try.. May our days be more loving, more peaceful and less judgmental.”
A large number of Lin’s fans and followers reacted to the comment and some of the photos she posted and confirmed that many artists use other accents during the performance of their works, wishing her success in this work.

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