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The owner of the CZN Burak restaurant chain, chef Burak uzdemir, filed a lawsuit against his father for selling the latter the ownership rights to his son’s name, and the international chef appeared in a video explaining to his followers that he filed a lawsuit against his father, accusing him of fraud in relation to his famous restaurants, assuring that he will continue his career in the culinary world on his own .
He also no longer owns a restaurant in his name anymore, except for one restaurant in Istanbul, as he explained in a clip circulated by social media platforms, saying: Please don’t be fooled by thieves who exploit my name and image .
And the dispute between him and his father came after the father sold his name to a foreign businessman without his knowledge , and these disputes are not the first of their kind, as the last was his father’s opposition to his going to the areas affected by the violent earthquake of Turkey, where Burak faced many obstacles from his father during that period, as the chef sought to provide a helping hand as possible to the affected areas, and could not afford attempts to obstruct his endeavors, which prompted him to cut off ties with his father.

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