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“A night of a lifetime” with these words, the Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury described his show at the Hammamet International Festival, a show in front of closed windows in which he sang from his music blog full of romantic songs.

“Lord”, “Take me with you”, “The share is complete”, “Salamli who is jealous”, “My heart is beating”, “All poems”, “If”, “Betmon”, “Palace of longing”, “The biggest selfish”, “After you, my love”, “You and with me” and “In love”


He also sang “the Lebanese girl” in a Tunisian context, replacing Lebanese with Tunisian, and celebrated Tunisian women and women in general in the presence of the Minister of Cultural Affairs, Dr. Hayat qatat Al-qarmazi.

In front of the Tunisian audience, which filled the runways at the Hammamet International Festival, he sang for the second time his new song “yeslamli yli Bigar” live and live with the musical group led by composer Mahmoud Eid.
In a tribute to Tunisia and its people, the artist Marwan Khoury presented a link of Lebanese heritage to the rhythm of dabka, followed by the song “delaona”, whose words were echoed by the audience and interacted with it by dancing.

A state of mutual love between the Lebanese artist who created a fan base in Tunisia and the audience in the runways was reinforced by the melodies and lyrics immersed in the poetic and piano tones that rose on the knees when his fingers touched him.

In an evening that ranged from romantic melodies to dabka-inspired melodies and oriental rhythms that seduce with dancing, Marwan Khoury celebrated the audience that responds to his call every time he arrives in Tunisia. As for the Tunisian audience, he said that it is a special audience from all the other audiences, as he sings a lot with the artist, adding in the same context that the Hammamet theater is a special theater.

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