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Composer and music distributor Mohamed Rahim has revealed that Lebanese artist Myriam Fares will collaborate with singer Mohamed Mounir on the song “north coast”, which is scheduled to be released soon.
Rahim wrote on his Facebook account: “because all the people that Min asked me is the singer who sings the duet with King Mohammed Mounir the song #north coast is the star Miriam fares and she came down, God willing, in a very few days, your prayers stay, God willing”.

Rahim pointed out in press statements that the work took almost a month of preparation and recording, where fares will present the song in the Alexandrian dialect.

The pioneers of social networking sites expressed their enthusiasm for the work, pointing out that it will be special, especially since Miriam fares and”the King” each have their own imprint in the art world.

After the announcement of the duo’s collaboration, Miriam fares topped the list of the most popular on the Site “X” Twitter previously, as one of them wrote: “Munir is very special and Miriam is more and more distinguished and beautiful, a need that remains a bright sign in their beautiful artistic history”.

“I never imagined such beauty and such imagination in a duet that brings together the Queen of the theater with the king of the Nile Valley, Miriam and Mounir,”added another.

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