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Mohamed Salah.. On Ronaldo’s move to the Saudi Premier League!

Saudi Press reports indicated that the Jeddah Union Club has entered into serious negotiations to include the Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, a professional in the ranks of the English Liverpool during the current summer transfer period, the Saudi sports newspaper, citing a source close to the player, revealed: “it is true there are negotiations between Mohamed Salah and the Saudi Union Club. That’s what I can say, I don’t have any other details yet,” she added, “the offer must be tempting for the Egyptian star to come to play in Saudi Arabia. Salah still has a lot to offer in England,” as the sport revealed that the offer of the Western club to Salah, amounting to 180 million euros for two seasons, in addition to 60 million pounds sterling to buy the remaining period of his contract from the English club Liverpool included Mohamed Salah for the Egyptian Olympic team, for his part, the Brazilian Rogerio Micali, head coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, told the Brazilian “UOL” network about the urgency of the Egyptians to put pressure on him by choosing Mohamed Salah, the star of the Egyptian national team and Liverpool English on the Olympic list for the Paris 2024 Olympics, and said Mikali laughed: “They stopped my car in the middle of the road in search of an answer who are the Big Three that I will choose in the list of the Olympics and they are pressing him to call Mohamed Salah the star of Liverpool and Michali expressed his desire to include the Reds star commenting: “I want to use him as I did with Neymar (at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics) but it’s up to Liverpool because it’s not an official tournament that obliges them to leave him to us as it happens with the first team” and confirmed that if he succeeded in including Mohamed Salah: “it would be a golden opportunity to be able to climb the podiums the Egyptian fans embraced me and I am grateful for that, that’s what I missed in Brazil”, commenting on the qualification of the Egyptian national team to the Paris Olympics 2024: “The Egyptians thank me for what has been achieved, despite doubting the ability of the current generation to achieve an achievement”

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