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Amid the crowd of falling artworks, whether by presentation or criticism, and the subsequent negative repercussions on real art and its visitors, the artist Mohamed Sobhi expressed his displeasure with what is happening crying on the air, while hosting a program on one of the Egyptian channels.

Mohamed Sobhi, who confirms that he is a good reader of history and a person interested in the history of his country Egypt, explained that the current time is one of the worst times in neglecting Culture, Media and art, indicating that he refused the post of Minister of culture more than 3 times, because he is simply not suitable for this position, which he believes that there is someone more worthy of him than him.

Mohamed Sobhi pointed out that the minister of culture and information must adopt a clear cultural plan, demanding not to highlight trivial works, commenting: “We are carrying out the plan of our enemies by doing trivial works, culture and art with a pick that can be built or demolished.

Mohamed Sobhi continued tearfully: “I am sad, Mr. Sid, and I am not begging, I am working, earning and saying in front of the state, a theater has been operating in the desert for 7 years, but my works are directed to a certain audience that fears for Egypt and is still waiting for clean art”.

He added:”I am busy, but I am working alone, I feel that I am in solitary confinement, while Bacon was in 32 plays in the market, for a time there were no three plays”.

“I hope that we will realize in the coming period that art, culture and education are the ones that build a person,”Sobhi concludes by saying.

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