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After his big performance at the Bizerte International Festival, Jafar Al-Qasimi had an appointment for a Friday evening with the international audience of Monastir.
In front of closed windows, the performance of Jafar Al Qasimi’s new play kicked off within the framework of the fiftieth session of the Monastir International Festival.
A large audience accompanied the performance of the play” El derabo ” came from all the cities of Monastir and from outside, as well as a number of Algerian brothers.
At about ten and a quarter at night, the show began, and the show began, which shed light on many phenomena in our Tunisian society in a way that has a lot of irony, but on the other hand, it was an opportunity to stand up to the value of the homeland among his children, and the extent of their attachment and attachment to it.
In this show, Al-Qasimi likened the homeland to a field where all kinds of crops grow, but unfortunately the best of them are exported to the outside of the country for others to enjoy and the people of the land are deprived of it, and the good crops here are not the ones that eat only, but the Tunisian competencies that are increasingly migrating, losing the country and the slaves, while the rotten crops that harm the homeland remain.
“They steal and we cultivate… They are burning and we are extinguished… We are being guided and we are being built …”It is a grandfather’s commandment for sons and grandfathers,” Al-Qasimi shouted on the knees of the Rabat of Monastir, and it is like a cry of horror for everyone who loves Tunisia to protect it from traitors inside and outside.
Jafar touched upon many concerns such as the relationship of the womb, human relations in general, the impact of social media and other topics that all fit into the context of the country’s interest by focusing on the flag and reminding that it is the symbol of the homeland and the mosque for its children in all cases.
In the end, “aldrabo” is me, you and us, he is the collector and guarantor of the continuation of the homeland despite its disappointments and looking forward to a nicer and better tomorrow.
Jafar’s show witnessed a great public success, and planted a smile on the faces of all those who attended, despite the tinge of pain that some scenes were not without.

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