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The Syrian artist Moaz Idris has released his new song in the style of a video clip, bearing the name “Al-haqouni”, which is from his words and melodies, distributed by Ahmed shatout, and recorded by studio Rami24.

The video was filmed between the United States of America and Syria with the participation of Syrian actress Susan Al-shoufi and directed by Mahmoud Idris.

It is expected that the clip has achieved high viewing rates since its release via YouTube, and he says in his introduction: “they injected me with my heart and his curse is burning.. Injections burn me at a slow speed.. Talk to her, and if anything, talk to her father.. If we do anything, they will kill her brother, and if we do anything, they will kidnap her.. If only we would do juzuhali in any way”.

It is worth mentioning that Moaz Idris is a singer and oud player, who won the “most beautiful voice” award on mbc in 2001, and released his first album with Rotana in 2002, and has more than 30 special songs to his credit, and is an honorary ambassador of the Arab American organization in the United States. He has also released many songs and collaborated with many Arab artists.

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