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The star Mohammed Al-Majzoub released a new solo song entitled ” Miya Marra “on all music applications, which is produced by Universal Music MENA company, lyrics by Nour al-Dirani and Mohammed mairiya, melodies by Salim jebai, the distribution is for routes April and the mixing and mastering was done in Studio 7 by Anwar Makkawi.

The attraction expressed his great enthusiasm for the release of” MIH Marra”, a rhythmic summer song par excellence that embodies love and carries a lot of joy and positive energy. It is in a white tone and its rhythm is different and new, and he tends to this musical color. He said: “I am very excited about the audience’s reaction to this work and I feel a great responsibility, especially after the great success of my previous song” Open Your Heart”, which exceeded ٢٢ million views on YouTube in a short period”.
It is noteworthy that the clip of the song “Once Upon a time” was filmed in southern Lebanon, specifically in the city of tyre under the direction of director Abdul Hadi al-diri within a simple scene that transports us to a summer atmosphere, and it will be available on Mohammed Al-Majzoub’s private YouTube channel .

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