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Ahead of her Jerash Festival ceremony on Friday in Jordan, Lebanese star Najwa Karam won a new award from the “Guinness” encyclopedia thanks to a unique achievement, which is wearing the longest robe in the world.

The surprise at the concert was delightful, as the artist Karam was characteristically and touchingly received by her “starry” audience, who organized a special ceremony to honor her and presented her with a 55.7-meter long robe.

While the representative of the “Guinness” encyclopedia was presenting her with the honorary Shield, he surprised her that she was the first Lebanese singer to get two records from the famous encyclopedia. “She is the first and second, and whoever wants to compete should strive to win the third place,”the actor commented.

The white robe attracted attention with its elegant and innovative design, featuring wide shoulders, a long tail and wide sleeves, it is decorated in gold and silver colors and decorated with geometric motifs on the back.

Najwa Karam also perfected her look, choosing a white jumpsuit and flared trousers that harmonized with the robe, and completed the look with a design that features exposed shoulders at the top.

It is noteworthy that the Najwa Karam concert in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates in 2020, received two wonderful awards from the Guinness Book, namely “the largest number of drones to launch fireworks” and “the longest waterfall of firecrackers” with a length of 4 kilometers.

With these amazing achievements, Nagwa Karam proves that she is a distinguished artist with exceptional abilities, and deserves to be celebrated and honored in the world of art and creativity. She is a star who shines with her bold look and breaks records with pride and pride.

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