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After missing the last Ramadan season, Syrian actor Bassel Khayat returned to book a place for him in Ramadan 2024, as press sources indicated Khayat’s participation in the next Ramadan season with a series directed by Rasha sharbatji.
According to the information, the name of the work is “a look of Love”, written by Ravi Wahba.

After the news spread, the audience expressed their great enthusiasm for the duo of Khayat and Rasha sherbetji, with the Lebanese actress Carmen Bassi co-starring with him.

Khayat had participated a while ago in the series “the price”, which is the Arabic version of the Turkish series” and love remains “and embodied the role of businessman Zain, who falls in love with Sarah” Razan Jamal”, but the latter asks him for a financial advance without revealing the reason to take advantage of the matter and makes her an offer to spend a night with her for the money.
Sarah is forced to agree as the amount is for the treatment of her only son Abraham, and after Zain discovers the reason he feels remorse.

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