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Egyptian energy coach Sherif Sharqawi

Egyptian energy coach Sherif Sharqawi commented on a photo of him in his first comment after his wife, Syrian artist Nasrin Tafesh, officially announced the divorce a few hours ago without revealing details.

The first comment of Nisreen Tafesh’s husband on their divorce
Sherif Sharqawi posted a photo of himself through his personal account on the Instagram application on the seashore in which he appeared alone and commented on it in a way that some considered an indirect response to the announcement of his official separation.

“Let it be so that you know that you are blessed and guided, never resist, always accept because that is the acceptance of your divinity,”the comment read.

Sherif Sharqawi’s first comment after announcing his separation from Nisreen Tafesh

In order to avoid comments from followers, Sherif Sharqawi made sure to close the comments feature on the photo he posted to avoid negative comments and replies.

This came a few hours after Nasrin Tafesh announced her official separation from her husband Sherif Sharqawi through her personal accounts on social networking sites and called on the public to respect privacy, as it is the second separation after returning to her husband last May.

Nasrin Tafesh officially separated from her husband
Nisreen Tafesh, through the astory feature on Facebook and Instagram, published Limited words announcing the separation, where she said the text: “I have been officially divorced quietly and peacefully, I ask everyone to respect privacy,” and put a signature under her name Nisreen Tafesh.

This is the second separation that the couple is going through, after the first separation occurred last November after a marriage that lasted only 5 months, and the separation of Nasrin Tafesh and Sharif Sharqawi lasted 6 months before they announced their return indirectly last April through a comment to the latter on a photo of him saying: “Happy and proud that you are me, “to which Nasrin replied:” I love you, my beloved”.

It is noteworthy that Nisreen Tafesh stated a few days ago in an interview with the media Hisham al-Hawa in the carpool karaoke program about the reason for her return to her husband that the separation period made both of them feel the value of the other, and the extent of strong feelings of love that they share, and their inability to live without each other.

She added:”Everything is divided and shared in life, and I believe that everything that becomes good in our life, no matter how evil it appears, always has a noble goal, a message or a lesson that you need to learn so that your life becomes sweeter”.

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