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Just two days after its release, the song "Pass My Wound" by Rashid Al-Majid continues to achieve success and record amazing viewing figures, as his fans expressed admiration for his latest work, describing it as carrying a touch of creativity through Al-Majid's picturesque voice and an imaginary melody that resembles the famous Sinbad journey, as they put it.

This new song comes from the production of Rashid Al Majid himself, from the lyrics of the poet Mohammed Abdul Rahman, the melodies of the musician Walid al Shami, the distribution of Walid Fayed and maksaj Jassim Mohammed.

Rashid Al-Majid was able to give an exceptional performance of the song “Pass My Wound”, which scatters a lot of pain and wounds, where he sang with mastery and terrible feeling, directing in his affectionate voice the messages of reproaches and reproaches to the beloved, giving it a realistic atmosphere that makes everyone who listens to it feel torment and oppression.

Before the song was released on Rashid Al Majid’s official YouTube channel, the artist shared a short clip of the song via his personal account on the Instagram application without adding any comment, and the aim was to leave room for his fans to express their admiration for his charming performance, which was well received by everyone.

On the other hand, Rashid Al-Majid returned to the artistic scene after a period of interruption, to return his consideration to his audience, who was always looking forward to hearing new and following up on his artistic works. The song “pass my wound” did not delay in achieving great success, as it exceeded more than 300 thousand views on the first day of its release, and later exceeded the 319,064 views on his official YouTube channel.

With this impressive success, the song “pass my wound” continues to crawl about half a million views, which confirms the attractiveness of Rashid Al Majid and the continuation of his fame and the passion of his audience to pursue his distinctive artistic works.

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