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The Star Saber quartet finally participated in the events of the Jerash Festival of culture and Arts in Jordan, and presented a large collection of his old and New successful songs amid great interaction from his large audience.

The Tunisian star was keen to respond to the news circulating about his suffering from a delicate health ailment recently, and confirmed in an interview with a journalist on the sidelines of the festival, that what he was exposed to is a natural issue that affects anyone, he said: “We are people, after all, we are exposed to health ailments and no dangerous needs.

He noted that he circumvents his fatigue on stage by saying:”we try to be prepared and keep ourselves in order because the audience has no fault of his own”.

The quartet presented a large collection of his distinctive songs amid a great interaction from the Jordanian audience, and the Tunisian star expressed his happiness to participate in this session of the festival.

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