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The artist Saber al-Rubaie expressed his happiness to be in Syria after years of absence and indicated that today he renews the covenant with the Syrian audience, where he insisted on being here, defying all obstacles to meet the beloved Syrian audience

During a press conference at the end of the Damascus Castle Nights festival, the Tunisian artist responded to the republication of a photo of him with an “Israeli officer” that had been published in 2016 and said: We like to build for today and tomorrow and we should not fish in troubled waters, and I refuse to question patriotism, and explained the confusion that occurred regarding this photo in a video I published earlier, and in topics that touch the depth of our first and central issue Palestine deliberately use artists because they are influential.

About the Golden stage, saber explained that he started singing 30 years ago and has performed dozens of songs that have met great successes throughout his career, so it is impossible to determine a golden period because it is a continuous work and continuity is the basis of success.

About his participation in talent shows, saber stressed that he loved that experience and has no objection to repeating it, whether in new programs or second versions.

The quartet explained that he likes to deal artistically with Nasri’s originality, Nassif Zeitoun and Mohammed Al-Majzoub and would like to share one of them with a lyrical “duet”.

He pointed out that musical culture is necessary for an artist in order to facilitate his choices and familiarity with his work, and an academic artist succeeds more than an artist who relies on talent without refining it with academic culture.

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