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The Lebanese artist Sarah Abi Kanaan revealed that she suffered in her childhood from a curvature in her spine, which lasted for six years, expressing her discomfort from that stage because of the pain she faced.

Dad Kanaan said: “I have never talked about this before . I had a disease, my spine was not straight, it was shaped like an S, and my mother used to joke with me and say that it was on the first letter of my name Sarah so that she would relieve me of it,”he said.

During an interview with the “#beinatna ” program, Abi Kanaan confirmed that she faced many challenges at the time, as it was difficult for her to wear revealing dresses like her friends, because of wearing a “corset” made of “plastic”.

She described that stage as” prison”, as she was ashamed that the” corset ” appeared under her clothes, which prompted her to wear spacious clothes, and this was noticed by her classmates at school, as she put it.

She noted that she was not bullied because of the” corset”:”the girls at school were always knocking on it and asking about it, but I was trying to get over it and I wasn’t bullied, I was laughing and telling them to knock on it”.

She recounted touching details when she was treated with a plastic “corset”, saying:”they would put me on a wooden table and then they would tie my hands and feet, tie a collar like a noose around my neck, then they would pull the table and wear warm plastic so that it would take the shape of my body after it cools down”.

She added:”I was wearing it as a corset to straighten my spine, and until this moment I feel disgusted when I remember those moments, and because I was at a young age and my body changed, I did this operation more than once, my mother was crying and she saw me screaming and telling them that I couldn’t breathe.

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