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The cast of Jude said’s Salma film celebrated the birthday of the artist Slava fakharji

Slav commented on the photos, saying: Show Photos and prayers from the Salma film team celebrating my birthday with a beautiful and warm signature.. And they really work as a team.. God willing, halshi reflects on the screen with a film that people love, touches them and feels in it.

Slav also thanked the people of one of the Tartus villages where the filming took place, calling them Wonderful, who have a beauty similar to the beauty and goodness of their land.

It is noteworthy that the film is co-authored by director Judd, Sommer Ibrahim, and Tarek Allaf, starring Slava fouakhrji, while the artist by the name of yakhor is a guest of Honor, along with the participation of director Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid.

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