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The son of the artist Hassan Yusuf, who died by drowning, passed away from our world yesterday in one of the villages of the northern coast.
Nahal Anbar, a member of the Union of acting professions, confirmed that the body of Hassan Youssef’s son arrived at the hospital after he took his last breath, and doctors tried to help him, but he had died by drowning .

She pointed out that his mother, the retired artist Shams Al-Baroudi, is in a stage of non-absorption, and entered a state of extreme crying after hearing the news, and is present with the body of her son in the hospital .
The death was tragic yesterday (Saturday), the artist Hassan Youssef, after the death of his youngest son Abdullah as a result of drowning in one of the villages of the northern coast.

The initial preview of the incident revealed that the son of the artist Hassan Youssef, named Abdullah, 35, was drowned in a tourist village in the northern coast while swimming.
The body was transferred to El Alamein hospital, the necessary report was written and the body was kept at the disposal of the prosecution and the health inspector in Matrouh.

It is noteworthy that Hassan Youssef has four children, Nariman, Mahmoud, Omar, and Abdullah from his wife Shams Al-Baroudi.

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