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This is the launch date of the iPhone 15″..

News reports talked about the upcoming launch date of the latest version of the phones of the American company “Apple”: iPhone 15, and the date of its availability in the markets.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that Apple is expected to unveil the “iPhone 15” on September 12 or 13 at the annual event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California.
It is expected that the new phone will be available on the market by September 22.

It is expected that “Apple” will reveal a series of phones at the expected event, namely:

IPhone 15

IPhone 15 plus

IPhone 15 pro

IPhone 15 Pro Max

Reports said that “Apple” decided to change the name of the phone “iPhone 15 Pro Max” to “iPhone ultra”. Leaks and speculation are talking about the additions that will be included in the “iPhone 15”, and some expected that there will be changes that are the biggest in years, such as the exit of C

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