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Some people take her for being arrogant, stressing that this is completely untrue and that those who know her well do not take that perception of her, and she revealed hidden sides from her colleagues in the field of art.

The Tunisian Dora denies the character of Vanity

During an interview on the “box” program, Tunisian Dora explained that her nature is completely far from Vanity, saying: “Not all people have the same impression of me, and I am far from Vanity”.

She explained that sometimes her shyness can give that impression about her, explaining: “on the contrary, I keep being arrogant for hours because I need to be more confident in myself, and my shyness in gatherings is interpreted in the opposite way and with arrogance, but I am in the present and with a showy expression”.

She pointed out that some people, after getting closer to her, discover that this impression is not true: “anyone who actually knows me and gets closer to me says that your personality is different from his”.

Dora reveals hidden sides in artists

Dora spoke about the hidden aspects she sees in her fellow artists who have collaborated with her on a number of works, including Tamer Hosni, Nelly Karim and Ruby.

Tunisian Dora said about Tamer Hosni: “not all people know about his wit far from work, people all know his talent as an artist, and a sense of comfort in working with him”.

About Nelly Karim, she commented:”Nelly Karim is one of the most loving and comfortable actresses working together, and she feels that she is in her condition, and at the same time she has no problem if Dora or Ruby is doing a sweet role, and she has a talent for photography and a sweet eye, other than her talent for acting and ballet.

She described Ruby as spontaneous, saying:”Ruby is light-blooded, and some people like to say hello, and one of the most spontaneous people she has.

Tunisian Dora revealed a new side of her friend, artist Zafer El Abidine, saying: “people know about him the side of his romantic roles, and he is a young man who looks sweet, but he has a side that his blood is very light.

She praised the artist Hind Abdul Halim: “Hind Abdul Halim is like a stump friend and her actions are older than her age, and although I am older than her, she always considers me her little sister, and if I need a need in technology, ask her, know how to behave and responsible”.

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