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World star Shakira posted it on her account on the “Instagram” site not like any ordinary video from the scenes of filming her latest songs .

Shakira was embodying in the video a mermaid character with striking elegance and dazzling femininity. but the surprise was when she was unexpectedly attacked by a small mouse!

As shown in the video, Shakira was lying on the floor with a charming atmosphere and embodying the beauty of a mermaid with her picturesque femininity, but suddenly she was shocked by the appearance of a mouse hurrying towards her.

Shakira screamed and jumped in a sudden and funny reaction, writing on the video a comment expressing the funny situation, saying: “things that happen even to mermaids!”

The new song “Copa Vacia” is a huge success thanks to the successful collaboration with musician Manuel torrizo, in which Shakira turned into a charming mermaid who captivates the hearts of millions.

The song has garnered more than 52 million views in just 3 weeks on her official channel on “YouTube”, achieving great popularity and amazing success.

Besides, Shakira is going through a difficult period after breaking up with former footballer Gerard Pique, revealing in an interview with the magazine “People” Spanish version about her suffering during that difficult period.

Piquet’s infidelity was discovered shortly after her father was hospitalized and suffered a serious accident that required him to be in intensive care.

Speaking about this experience, Shakira said: “everything happened at once.

My house was collapsing, and I found out from the Press that I was betrayed when my father was in the intensive care unit,”he said.

Shakira always remains the focus of attention of fans and impresses them with her constant creativity and excitement of surprises, both in the art world and in her personal life, which is what makes her a shining star in the sky of art and creativity.

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